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Below are listed a few measurements I made with the experimental Direct Diode Detection Base-Band Q (3D-BBQ) Measurement in year 2004 on the SPS machine.
Some description of the SPS system can be found in the first measurement section. General explanation is in the hardware page.
Do not overlook the possibility to listen to the beam!

Fixed target #1 | Damper meas. #1 | Coasting beam #1 | Lo & Hi intensity | 50Hz meas. #1 | Bottom

H-tune path

V-tune path

Fixed target #1.

Fixed target, 10/09/04.

This is one of the first measurements acquired with the sound card.

H-tune path, damper OFF

H-tune path, damper ON

"Damper measurement" #1.

LHC pilot, 2/11/04.

Studies of the transverse damper influence
on the tune path width.

H plane spectra

H plane spectra with zoom on the synchrotron lines

Coasting beam #1.

LHC one bunch coasting beam, 12/10/04.

A bizarre resonance.

H plane spectra with 30dB of gain

H plane spectra with 75dB of gain

Low & high intensity together.

One LHC pilot + fixed target, 2/11/04. Low and high intensity beams measured in a raw with the same BBQ gain. Two measurements with different gain.

H plane spectra

V plane spectra

50Hz line measurement #1.

LHC coasting beam, 4/10/04.

A proof that the 50Hz lines are in the beam spectrum.

Top | Fixed target #1 | Damper meas. #1 | Coasting beam #1 | Lo & Hi intensity | 50Hz meas. #1

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