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DOROS front-end

Documents on the DOROS system

  • DOROS front-ends declared in the CERN network database (login required):
    - list of all DOROS front-ends
    - front-ends on the standard BPMs, system DOROS-S
    - front-ends on the collimator BPMs, system DOROS-C
    - development front-ends, system DOROS-D
  • DOROS front-end exchange: the procedure in PDF and PPTX
  • Inventory of the interlocked collimator DOROS front-ends in PDF and XLSX

Useful information

  • DOROS experts: Marek 163104, Jakub 167883, Guillaume 167317.
  • Localise the rack of a DOROS front-end on the GIS Portal .
    Just type the network front-end name in the search window.

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